Genealogical forensics

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Our goal is to offer the start-to-finish work you require, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, wherever research is needed, whatever you need for the final product.


  1. BulletForensic genealogical research worldwide

  2. BulletAssembling and supervising a national and international team of researchers for multi-generational results.
    Our cases have required research throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Israel, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, China, Australia, Antigua, British Guyana, Argentina, Ecuador, and elsewhere.

  3. BulletDue diligence and kinship research for probate and administration matters

  4. BulletLocating missing heirs

  5. BulletLocating missing persons

  6. BulletLocating missing owners of real property

  7. BulletLocating missing account holders and beneficiaries

  8. BulletProviding documents for dual citizenship

  9. BulletProving provenance

  10. BulletQualified expert witness testimony at kinship hearings


  1. Bullet Documentary proof, including any required certifications, translations, apostilles, exemplifications

  2. Bullet Detailed reports

  3. Bullet Affidavits of due diligence and kinship

  4. Bullet Family tree charts

  5. Bullet Expert testimony

Need something not listed above?

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