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Due Diligence & Kinship Research

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Leslie Corn, MA, CG, FGBS

Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FUGA, FGBS, FASG

Certified and Forensic Genealogists

Forensic Research for:

  1. BulletAttorneys

  2. BulletExecutors

  3. BulletPublic Administrators

  4. BulletProbate Firms

  5. BulletTrust Officers

  6. BulletInvestigators

  7. BulletRealtors

  8. BulletMuseum Curators

  9. BulletInsurance Companies

  10. BulletGovernment Agencies

  11. BulletMilitary Repatriation Projects

We specialize in:

  1. BulletResearch worldwide for matters involving forensic genealogy

  1. BulletDue diligence and kinship cases that require research in the United States and/or overseas

  1. BulletLocating missing heirs and unknown heirs

  1. BulletFinding missing persons and account holders

  1. BulletStart-to-finish work for presentation in court, from research and collection of documentary evidence, through preparation of family tree charts and affidavits and delivering expert testimony.

We obtain results quickly, reliably, and efficiently, whether you need to locate one person or trace multiple generations of a decedent’s paternal and maternal lines.

Wherever research is needed—from the repositories of New York City, to a small town in Italy, to the synagogues of Mogilev—we have the expertise and worldwide network of researchers to meet your objectives.

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